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Ransomware Attack Sweeps Globe, Researchers See WannaCry Link


  • #Another major cyber-attack ‘Petya’ hit global companies on Tuesday
  • #Researchers say Petya may be closely linked to WannaCry ransomware
  • #The ransomware virus includes code known as “Eternal Blue”

major global cyber-attack disrupted computers at Russia’s biggest oil company, Ukrainian banks and multinational firms with a virus similar to the ransomware that infected more than 300,000 computers last month.

The rapidly spreading cyber extortion campaign, which began on Tuesday, underscored growing concerns that businesses have failed to secure their networks from increasingly aggressive hackers, who have shown they are capable of shutting down critical infrastructure and crippling corporate and government network

Businesses in the Asia-Pacific region reported some disruptions on Wednesday with the operations of several European companies hit, including India’s largest container port, although the impact on companies and governments across the wider region appeared to be limited.

Education meaning

An Education is

The only tool

That really makes us

Better than beasts.


For dolphins have better brains,

And they, dogs and cats,

And monkeys maybe trained,

Yet not educated.


An Education is not

Learning how to earn.

Its how to cultivate your mind,

To be a good human being.

Its not just learning how to exist,

But how to ‘live’ a life.


An Education is not only

In schools and colleges.

It’s in the endless lessons

Of life itself.


Educate yourself.

It’s the legacy you inherited

When you were born.

Its the only real legacy

Of Mankind.